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Carpet Cleaning in Chino, CA – Over 23 Years And Still Going! - Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning - Inland Empire Carpet Cleaning in Chino, CA – Over 23 Years And Still Going! - Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning - Inland Empire
  • Carpet Cleaning in Chino, CA – Over 23 Years And Still Going!

  • Dry in 2 hours!

    Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning-Inland Empire provides the best professional carpet cleaning in Chino CA. Using the carpet cleaning industry's finest in equipment and solution and with the approval of the Carpet & Rug Institute, Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning-Inland Empire's multi-step cleaning system uses less water than traditional steam cleaning, leaving your carpets sparkling clean and dry in 2 hours, not 2 days.

  •  Photo: Stains on Commercial carpet cleaner in Chino
    Photo:Stains on brown carpet removed by carpet cleaning in Chino
     Photo:Rust spot cleaned by Chino carpet cleaner
     Photo:Hallway stains dissolved by Chino carpet cleaning

    Sanitizer & Deodorizer applied on every job at NO additional charge!

  • One Reason Why You Should Use QDCC To Clean Your Chino Carpets!

    Reason #2 - Reappearing spots are eliminated! Because our carpet cleaning procedure uses less moisture than other methods, your carpets are much drier when we complete our carpet cleaning in Chino.  Less moisture will stop stains from wicking up and coming back weeks later. Additionally thru the use of encapsulation, any sticky residue, like from a spilled soda, will be "surrounded" and captured by the encapsulate and will no longer be sticky.  NO MORE SPOTS!

    To find out MORE reasons why you should use Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning click to our homepage!

  • One of Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning-Inland Empire Secrets

    When we clean your carpets in Chino one of the secrets behind Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning-Inland Empire's healthier more thorough carpet cleaning is the millions of microscopic, carbonating cleaning bubbles in our carpet cleaner. By using carbonation our cleaning solution penetrates deep in to the base of the carpet, literally exploding dirt and grime off of the fiber's surface. We then use specially made microfiber pads to lift the dirty particles to the surface where they are whisked away, leaving behind fresh, clean carpets in Chino CA. This concept is almost identical to that of using club soda to remove a stain from a shirt. The amazing carpet cleaning power of carbonating solution creates a powerful reaction that deep cleans carpets and upholstery in a safe and gentle way.

    Equally important in our cleaning procedure is the use of what is called encapsulation.  Encapsulation is used to attack and neutralize spill stains and spots that in the past always tended to reappear a few weeks after cleaning. Your carpets will stay cleaner for longer periods of time because there is no sticky residue left behind.

    Our powerful carpet cleaning solutions can be used on just about any surface, both carpet and upholstery, from some of the finest and most fragile fabrics to the toughest and most rigid. Our process can also help to prolong the life of your expensive rugs, carpet, and upholstery.

    Call Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning-Inland Empire at 951-805-2909 today for a free estimate to get the best option for carpet cleaning in Chino, CA!

  • Carpet Cleaning in Chino, CA since 1994!

    logo: Chino, CA

    I started my business Chino, CA carpet cleaning business in 1994 - even before that I was involved in a window cleaning business started back in 1980. Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning-Inland Empire is proud to be recognized as one of the best carpet cleaning Chino companies in the Inland Empire.

    No stranger to Chino - I was born and raised there and I am proud to say I still consider Chino my home. I remember when many of the areas that are now homes or businesses were once strawberry fields!

  • Why You Should Choose
    Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning-Inland Empire

    You can be back on your carpets in less than 2 hours * Re-appearing spots are eliminated

    No yucky chemical smells * Safe for kids and pets * Non-toxic cleaning solution

    The owner does all the work * Over 20 years experience * 10 step cleaning process followed at every job

    Every job receives our TOP OF THE LINE cleaning level of service - every job, every day

    No "bait & switch" pricing tactics - The price we quote you is the price you pay

  • Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning took out the red food stain my son spilled on my carpet! Thanks Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning-Inland Empire!

    Holly S. - Chino