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Carpet Protector - Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning - Inland Empire Carpet Protector - Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning - Inland Empire
  • Carpet Protector renews and refreshes the  protective coating that was applied to the fibers of your carpet when it was new.   As you walk, play, vacuum and clean your carpets, this coating will slowly wear off.  Carpet Protector gives you a “window of opportunity” to clean up spills before they are absorbed into the carpet fiber. Once a staining material has been absorbed into the shafts of the carpet fiber,  it makes the stain harder, if not impossible, to remove  completely. Carpet Protector makes it harder for these staining materials to be absorbed into the carpet fiber shafts, however it is important to remember that there is NOTHING  that will bulletproof your carpet from EVERY stain. 

    It is recommended that carpet protector be applied to carpet at least once a year, or every other instance in which you have your carpets cleaned, if you clean more often.

  • Carpet Protector - Like Waxing Your Car

    Applying Carpet Protector to your carpet is like waxing your car. Waxing your car puts a coating on the paint so that as you drive your car down the road, while it stil gets dirty, it will clean up better and easier when your wash it.  Applying Protector on your carpets won’t keep the carpet from getting dirty, but it will help it clean up easier and nicer in the future. It puts a barrier on the carpet fibers so that dirt won’t stick so easily to the carpet fiber shafts and spilled items will not be absorbed as easily.  In other words, repelled rather than absorbed. 

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    For more information, or to receive a free quote, please contact us by telephone or by filling out one of our estimate forms on this site. We’re glad to answer any questions that you may have regarding any of our services. At Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning, customer satisfaction is our #1 priority!

    Please note that our services are available in the following areas: Chino, Chino Hills, Corona, Eastvale, Ontario & Riverside.