• Maximizing The Investment In Your Home

    January 26, 2016 | Blog

    Did you know that carpet is a textile, just like upholstery, linens and clothing? When people pay $50 for a pair of jeans, they do not get upset when the knees eventually become faded and worn. On the other hand, some of those same people seem to think that their carpeting should last a lifetime. Carpeting, like other fabrics, cannot last forever. There are however several things you can do to extend the life of your carpet, thus maximizing investment into one of the more expensive items in your house to replace.

     Carpet wear is a combination of several things. It includes soil in the carpet, traffic lanes where people constantly walk, loss of fibers, infrequent vacuuming, having soil imbedded in the carpet – (that can’t be brought up with vacuuming) and time. Improper light reflection is also a factor in making a carpet look dirty.

  • The Best Way To Keep Your Carpet Looking It's Best

    The best way to keep your carpet looking it’s best is to properly maintain it. Read your carpet warranty for specific maintenance requirements. Vacuum every day if possible. Vacuuming removes the loose soil before it becomes imbedded in the fibers. The removal of abrasive soils from the carpet will help to extend its life.

     Use proper carpet cleaning spotting methods. Do not put any products on your carpeting unless advised by your carpet care professional. Many or the nationally known spotting agents available in the store and advertised on television are actually bad for your carpets and can cause carpet damage or rapid re-soiling.

     Have your carpets cleaned at least once a year. By using Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning - Inland Empire you will not only have clean carpets that are dry fast, you will also have carpets that stay cleaner longer because our cleaning solutions do NOT contain sticky residue surfactants. There you go - Maximizing investment!

     Call Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning at 951-805-2909 if you have any questions about how you can maximize the carpet covering investment you have made in your home.