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Preparing For Your Cleaning Appointment - Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning - Inland Empire Preparing For Your Cleaning Appointment - Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning - Inland Empire
  • Preparing For Your Cleaning Appointment

  • Our office number is 951-805-2909 if you have any questions.

    Here are some things that you can do that will help to make the appointment a success:

    1.  We need a parking spot that is as close to your front door as possible.
    2.  We are as careful as possible at all times but if you have expensive, breakable items or collectables  in the areas to be cleaned you are welcome to move them before we arrive. Keep in mind we do need at least a 3' wide pathway to access each area to be cleaned.
    3. We vacuum your carpet as a part of our cleaning procedure BUT if you haven't vacuumed in a while and there is dirt/trash particles on your carpet please run a vacuum over the area BEFORE we arrive.
    4.  Have a safe place for your pets to stay while we are cleaning.  We will be going in and out during the cleaning  and we don't want your pet to escape.  While in most circumstances we try to keep the door completely closed while cleaning it is not always possible.
    5.  Tell us your concerns!  Point out your problem areas so we can take care of them!
    6.  BEWARE - You can slip and fall!  Until the carpet is 100% dry (usually in 2-3 hours - but depending on circumstances drying times can vary) EVERYONE in the house must be careful on walking from the carpet to a hard surface where footing can be slippery.  It is recommended to walk on the carpet as little as possible until it is 100% dry. Walking on damp carpet can degrade the cleaning results.


  • Special Offer

     I am having a carpet protector (also know by the brand name "Scotchgard") special.  Normally the cost to protect 1 room is $15.00. If you have me apply protector to all the areas the special offer price is $8.00 per area. That's a 46% DISCOUNT!

    If you did not order Carpet Protector on the phone when making your appointment but have decided to take advantage of our Carpet Protector let us know when we arrive. We will be happy to add it to your order.

    Does Carpet Protector REALLY Work?  Check out this video to see for yourself.

  • Does carpet Protector REALLY work?

  • Did you know that besides carpet cleaning we also do Upholstery  Cleaning as well as Tile & Grout cleaning?

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