• Riverside Carpet Cleaning

    September 12, 2018 | Blog
  • Carpet cleaning in Riverside (and other areas of the Inland Empire) can sometimes be made harder due to household chiemical stains.  Here is a first article about such problems. More to follow later.  Call us at 951-805-2909 if you have any carpet cleaning questions for Riverside or other areas.  

  • One of the biggest causes of permanent stains in household carpets is the various chemicals found in every home. Most of these stains are permanent and can not be removed. With a little care and knowledge some problems can be avoided.


    Some toilet bowl cleaners contain as much hydrochloric acid as some coloring agents. The acid can dissolve the nylon while the coloring matter stains. There are some dyes, which turn bright red when contacted by these products. Tile grout cleaners contain phosphoric acid. The hydrochloric acid in both human and animal vomit has been known to cause spots if not cleaned up, or neutralized with baking soda.