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Spot and Stain Removal - Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning - IE Spot and Stain Removal - Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning - IE
  • Specialty Spots and Stain Removal

  • Pesky Spot and Stain Removal

    Accidents and spills are a part of life – especially if you have kids or pets living in your home. Still, there is nothing worse than a massive red wine stain, ink or rust on your carpet or upholstery.  At Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning - Inland Empire we can perform spot and stain removal for you. 

    There are a lot of "home remedies" out there that you can look up online to use on carpet spots. But BEWARE! You can also make the problem WORSE by trying to remove the spot/stain yourself. I once received a call from a customer who had a dog that chewed on a Sharpie marker, got the ink on her paws and ran around the house - resulting in about 50 paw prints of Sharpie ink.  I was able to remove all the spots - EXCEPT the 5 spots the homeowner had tried to remove herself BEFORE I was called.

  • We use a specialized process that can remove almost any stain on your carpet or upholstery. We have experience with the following:

    • Removing blood stains
    • Red wine stain removal
    • Coffee stains
    • Grease stain removal
    • Ink stain removal
    • Removing oil and wax stains
    • Paint stains
    • Rust stain remover
    • And more. 
  • Prevent Spots And Stains From Happening

    The best way to remove a stain from a carpet is to prevent that stain from happening in the first place! Take a proactive approach to protecting the carpets in your home with our carpet protector service. 

    Carpet protector forms a strong protective barrier around the fibers in your carpet. Think of it like waxing your car after you clean it. Carpet protector can prevent a stain from soaking into the fibers of your carpet completely therefore mitigating the damage caused by a potential stain. Carpet protector increases the effectiveness of our stain removal service by making it more likely that we can completely remove the stain from your carpet. 

  • Get A Free Carpet Stain Removal Estimate

    For more information about how we can remove a stain from your carpet, please call us by telephone or fill out one of our FREE estimate forms. We’re glad to assist in any way that we can, outstanding customer service is what we are known for.

    Carpet Stain Removal services available in: Chino, Chino Hills, Eastvale, Riverside, Ontario, Corona and other Inland Empire/Pomona Valley cities.