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What Does It Cost To Clean My Carpet? - Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning - Inland Empire What Does It Cost To Clean My Carpet? - Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning - Inland Empire
  • What Does It Cost To Clean My Carpet?

  • No one likes to be surprised!

    When deciding to hire any type of service such as carpet cleaning, in addition to looking at the quality of workmanship of the service provider, the price you are going to pay is equally important.  No one, unless you just won the lottery perhaps, wants to pay more than they have to when the service is complete.  While we like to be surprised with birthday gifts, being surprised  (and unhappy) about the cost of a service  after it has been completed is something we all look to avoid.

  • Questions and answers lead to accurate price quotes

    Many times when I receive a text message, email or even the first thing I hear in a phone conversation is "How much do you charge for carpet cleaning?"   That question is impossible to answer until more is known about the particulars of the carpet cleaning job in question.    The answers to such questions like where is the job located?  What rooms will be cleaned?  Are the hallways and stairs to be cleaned?  Are any of the rooms over-sized?  Do you have pet urine odor problems?  Gum spots in the carpet?  All of these question (and a few more) need to be asked and answered before the cost of the cleaning can be given.

  • Our Guarantee To You!

    At Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning-Inland Empire  our guarantee says in part - "The price we quote you over the phone will be the price you pay! No hidden charges! ▬ No bait & switch! ▬ You tell us what you want cleaned, We tell you how much it will cost!"

  • Honest Accurate Pricing - Excellent Service

    So the HONEST answer is that I can NOT give you an accurate cost for your carpet cleaning until I talk with you on the phone.  BEWARE of any service that gives out a price quote for your carpet cleaning without talking to you. What will happen is that you will receive one low price thru text or email  BUT once they arrive at your house the unfortunate  practice of "nickel and diming" to raise the price will start. Of course you can always be strong, stand your ground, say no and send the service provider on their way, however the truth is most of the time, while you won't be happy, you will agree to the extra charges, just to get it done because of the time and effort you've already invested in trying to get your carpets cleaned.  Unfortunately some carpet cleaning companies know that is the way most people will react and continue to operate in such a deceiving manner.

    So bottom line - I ask questions to give you an accurate price quote. I strive to charge a fair price to you and do a great job of cleaning your carpets or your upholstery or your tile and grout. I want you to be happy with my cleaning and I want you to use me in the future and tell your friends about me.

    Can you ask for more than that in a carpet cleaning service?